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King John’s Crown Jewels

The premiere Patreon Exclusive Minisode examines one of history's most astounding mystery surrounding the missing crown jewels of none other than King John, one of England's most loathed monarchs in all of history. Many have searched, but none can claim victory in this most elusive treasure hunt in all of England.

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Charlie Red Star

Historically one of the lesser-known UFO cases, this unique Canadian phenomenon that spanned the years of 1975-76 in Manitoba was given the endearing name Charlie Red Star by the locals who witnessed it. Join Into The Portal as we dive deep into Grant Cameron's expose on one of the most mysterious regular occurrences with the unknown... 

Special Mention: Our Strange Skies Podcast  



The Vanished Cyclops

One of the most notorious sinkings in all maratime history, the vanishing of the USS Cyclops in March of 1918 launched a massive recovery mission that never successfully found its target. Join Into The Portal for an investigative retelling of this legendary vanished ship.

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Robert The Doll

Do you believe in haunted objects? Although lesser known, Robert the Doll is considered the original haunted doll of America that has inspired fear in countless people who have crossed him.Of questionable origins, the mystery of Robert the Doll continues to this day.

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International Man of Mystery: Lord Lucan

Join ITP for November's Patreon-Exclusive Minisode féaturing an all-real modern tale of murder and suspense that has lasted more than 45 years! We discuss none other than one of the most notorious missing persons, the mysterious Lord Lucan.


11-18/Full-Length Episode

The Yeren

Join Into the Portal for an all-new Patreon Exclusive full length episode! This month Andrew takes us on a journey to the far east to uncover evidence and anecdotes about a most mysterious creature lurking in the highlands of central China: The Yeren. 

Translated as Wild Man, stories abound over thousands of years about a red-haired humanoid creature. Is it human, ape, or somewhere in between? 

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The Mystery of The Min Min Lights

The mystery of the  Min Min lights has existed in Australian lore for decades, even centuries perhaps... the shimmering orb-like lights have been documented chasing truckers down highways, passing lone cowboys in the dead of night, or even dancing about the tree line in the most remote parts of Channel Country. 

Join Into The Portal for an examination of the history and explanations of the min min lights phenomena... FREE for all our listeners as a special Patreon preview over the Holiday season, only until the New Year! 

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12-18/Full-Length Episode

Mystery of the Vanished Amber Room

Admired across Europe from its inception in 1701, the incredible Eighth Wonder of the World known more commonly as the Amber Room became a frontispiece for the achievements of Germanic craftsmen.   

Gifted to Peter the Great, the Amber Room stood proudly in St. Petersburg until it was theft during World War Two by the official Nazi effort to reclaim all symbols of German heritage and prowess. The infamous Amber Room was lost in the chaotic end of the war, and remains THE most valuable missing artwork stolen by the Nazi Regime. 



Wrangel Island

Referred to as "a place frozen in time," a place known as Wrangel Island has loomed large in the imaginations of man for centuries.  

Join us on Into The Portal for a special Patreon Minisode discussing the fascinating history of Wrangel Island. 


01-19/Full-Length Episode: Mystery of the Menehune

Although the Menehune remain unconfirmed by conventional scientific practices, much the same as Brownies in the UK, the Hawaiian people keep the legends alive through tradition of storytelling about these mythical small people who were pushed to the periphery lands upon the arrival of Tahitian settlers. 


02-19/Minisode: The House of Faces

A brand new Minisode has arrived, and February brings the mystery of Belmez, a baffling case of faces which appeared on the kitchen floor of the Pereira/Camara's in 1971... Join hosts Amber and Andrew for a fun look at the intersection of urban legend, historical mystery, and a bunch of creepy, creeeeepy faces. 

Special thanks to our producer Charlene  Ramler and to all you lovely folk - including our latest patreon members Daniel and Kristy!! You ALL rock!

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02-19/Full-Length: Orang Pendek | The Little Man of the Forest

Sumatra’s most mysterious creature has yet to be unveiled in the light to modern scientists, but just what is the Orang Pendek, Homo Hominid, or something else altogether?  

Special thanks to our producer Charlene  Ramler and all our Patrons - YOU GUYS ARE DA BOMB.

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03-19/The Seneca Guns

Although the phenomenon is not endemic to the East Coast of North America, ITP focuses on the mysterious Seneca Guns - thunderous, chest shattering booms emanating from seemingly nowhere, with no earthly explanations to solve the mystery of their origins. 

These distant booming roars have been around long before human technologies capable of producing such deep-seated tectonic booms... only adding to the ongoing mystery.

Thank you to all our members for all your continued support and to our Producer Charlene Ramler.

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03-19/ FULL LENGTH: The Ark of the Covenant

This time ITP takes look at one of the most elusive lost artifacts of all time and an item said to possess great power… the Ark of the Covenant. Crafted from acacia wood and laid with gold, the Ark was said to contain the Ten Commandments Moses received from God on the top of Mount Sinai as the Jews continued their Exodus from Egypt towards the Promised Lands.

Needless to say, its a legend of Biblical proportions!


04-19 MINISODE: Hauntings of Leap Castle

We are finally back with Aprils full length release. This time we take a trip to Southern Ireland long before the republic was born, and back in time to the old and brutal kingdoms, waring clans and endless bloodshed that ruled the land.. Leap Castle was one such place and is said to remain one of Europes most haunted places. However this particular local is not like any other castle, the cruelty and death that haunts its walls has even said to evoke the omen of an elemental. Join us as we discuss the infamous Hauntings at Leap Castle. 

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04-19 MINISODE: The Nazca Lines

Lying hidden in plain sight deep in the heart of the Peruvian desert exist curious figures etched into the earth as geo-glyphs. Persisting for thousands of years in the arid lowlands, these massive images remain in the landscape as markers of a people long since past. However the true purpose of these symbols remains largely a mystery, the last unknown remnants of the infamous Nazca culture that once flourished in such hostile terrain have been lost in he sands of time. What was the true purpose of the legendary Nazca Lines? 


05-19 minisode: the tunguska event of 1908

Here it is! The May not-so-mini Minisode (hahah!) 

Join us as we discuss the bizarre event that rocked the Siberian taiga and continues to elude definitive explanations to this day. Was it a meteor impact? An Earthbound event? Or possibly something more strange… 


05-19 Man or myth: King Arthur

Hello all you Ancient Explorers! Welcome to the much anticipated release of ITP's May full length feature episode! This time around we discuss the legends of King Arthur, was he a real man? A mix of multiple figures? Or just a mere fable... Join ITP as we discuss his lost bones, the court at Camelot and the evidence of a real King! 

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06-19 The missing head of oliver cromwell

The infamous head of Oliver Cromwell suffered a tumultuous and ill-documented journey through history, spending time in the Westminster Abbey, disinterred and mounted on a stake for several decades before ending up in murky alleys of the black market.. Join ITP for a whole new historical mystery this month only on Patreon!

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Welcome to Into The Portal’s Patreon exclusive episode for all you amazing Ancient explorers and Paranormal Scholars! This time we take a look at The Lost Treasure of The Flor de La Mar, one the greatest treasures still lost to this day, with some claiming to have found it but without the any proof... and so it remains elusive to treasure seekers and historians alike. Will it ever be found? And what exactly happened that fateful day.