Into The Portal

Into The Portal is a podcast dedicated to researching the unknown, unexplained and straight up strange. Whether it's ancient lost cities, encounters with paranormal phenomena or anything within the realm of the bizarre, we want to share these mysteries with the world. Our mission is to bring to light incredible stories many people may otherwise never hear about. We love digging into university archives, journals, scouring the web and researching nonstop in an attempt to find obscure myths, legends and true unexplained events that entertain and illuminate the dark corners of our reality... and beyond. The name Into The Portal derives from the idea of attempting to view the unexplained through an alternate lens - it’s about being open to new possibilities and reorienting our own perspective to better understand the unknowable, find the lost, and piece together the unexplained. 


Your Hosts



Amber Rae

Amber is a straight up enigma prone to indulging in fringe topics and all that disrupts the mundane - with a glass of wine, of course! After obtaining a degree in International Relations at UBCO and being thrust into the dreaded workforce, Amber quickly realized the need to continue learning and engaging with the weirdness that fascinates so she could keep on living the inspired life. Currently, Amber spends the majority of her time researching the paranormal, getting rowdy with Stella the boxer dog, and writing about the Okanagan wine industry all while pouring at a local wine bar. Amber raises a glass and welcomes all who are ready to dive Into The Portal. 



Andrew McKay

Andrew is a Kelowna based podcaster obsessed with researching all things weird and unexplainable with good craft beer in his hand. After studying International Relations at the University of British Columbia, Andrew realized that his real passion is exploring theories on unexplained phenomenon and writing novels related to such themes, beginning with a long standing interest in Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contact theories.

Ultimately, it was listening to paranormal and mythological podcasts that has inspired both Amber and Andrew to continue with their own research and present these findings of high strangeness to the podcast world.