Ned Kelly. Infamous Australian bushranger, gunslinger and the most feared outlaw of his time, Ned and his gang would eventually roam the Australian countryside robbing banks and shooting police on sight when they got in his way. His story is one filled with controversy and intrigue, known as the Australian Robin Hood to some... Simply a ruthless murderer to others. This tale is both exhilarating and bizarre. So join us on Into The Portal as we discuss the life and accolades of Ned Kelly & The Kelly Gang.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters and to our Producer Jorden U!

Episode LX: Charlie Red Star: Canada's Friendly UFO

Welcome back Into The Portal for our final Patreon vault release to end the Summer! This time we get into one of our all time favourite UFO cases with a friendly little thing dubbed Charlie Red Star, a Phenomena that lasted sporadically from 1975-1976 in Manitoba, Canada. With some wild pursuits and interesting encounters Charlie has become a classic case in UFO lore.. So hope on Into The Portal, Your Gateway to the Bizarre.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters and to our Producer Jorden U!

Episode lIX: International Man of Mystery: Lord Lucan

ITP is digging into the Patreon archives for another Summer Vault release! This time its a Whodunnit murder mystery from the UK for you all as we step into the realm of true crime and international mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of socialite Lord Lucan... a mystery that continues to this day.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters and to our Producer Jorden U!

Episode LVIII: Little Man of the Forest: The Orang Pendek

Welcome back everyone! We dig into the vault this month for a throwback episode from our Patreon archive!

Deep in the jungles of Sumatra dwells a creature known to locals for centuries, a little man of the forest unlike other humans on the islands. This being is known as The Orang Pendek. Join us as we venture into the dense canopy in search of this strange cryptozoological phenomena.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters and to our Producer Jorden U!


Hidden deep within our oceans lie relics of an ancient past, some definitively left by man.. while others that stretch even further back in time are more difficult to explain. One such location was discovered off the coast of Japan in 1986 leading many to wonder who could have created such a structure.. Nature or Man? If indeed build by an ancient peoples, the place since dubbed The Yonaguni Monument may still hold their secrets. Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss this mysterious formation and the legends of Japans Atlantis.

Episode lvi: the monster of partridge creek

In 1903 a strange and frightening encounter occurred in the area of Partridge Creek when a small hunting party came across something they could only describe as a monster from a different time. Join ITP as we explore this tale from the far reaches of the Canadian frontier and search for an explanation of such a beast in Yukon Territory.

Episode LV Abducted: The story of charlotte brown

Enter the world of Ufology with ITP's latest episode! This week on the podcast we are set to explore a retro Canadian UFO abduction case and discuss some of the commonalities in the abduction experiences as reported by those who identify as abductees. 

episode liv: The diamond of death

This week ITP tackles the intriguing case of a cursed object... A 115-karat Blue Diamond deemed The French Blue, also known as the Hope Diamond in modern times, is believed by some to have been stolen in India and carried to France only to befell its owners throughout four centuries with countless tragedies and impossibly bad luck - amputations, starvation, suicide and more… Join ITP for a look at the intriguing case of the Diamond of Death.


In 2013 a young woman was discovered dead in the water tank of an L.A. hotel. An unsatisfactory police investigation has lead many to find their own conclusions as to the cause of her death. Join us on Into The Portal for our first ever venture into the world of True Crime and the bizarre case of Elisa Lam. 


For centuries, stories have been told in the southwest of strange out of place vessels being lost inland... travelling prospectors would recount sightings of mighty ships as big as Spanish Galleons existing deep in the desert laden with treasures, a forgotten remnant left abandoned by ancient mariners. But could such a ship have truly made it into the deserts of California? Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss explorers, sightings and the search for The Lost Ship of the Mojave. 



Yup, we're going there. Into The Portal investigates Sasquatch. Join us this week for Part I in our series looking into one of most elusive creatures in all of cryptozoology, starting with some of the most bizarre violent experiences with giant hairy hominids of North America. From Coast to Coast join us on Into The Portal as we discuss sightings & attacks in our introductory look at a stranger side of Sasquatch. 

Thank you to our Producer, Charlene Ramler, and all of our Patreon Supporters!


Most people will be familiar with the classic biblical tale of Noah, written in the Hebrew Bible and described as massive floods that washed over the earth swallowing the lands and all earthly beings...with the exception of a great Ark.

However this legend is in fact much older than the account described in the Book of Genesis. The Story of Ark tracing back to a far more distant past. Join us on Into The Portal for our 3 part series, as we search for ancient evidence of the flood the swallowed the World. 

Lost City of the Monkey God: Bonus Interview

Join ITP for our BIGGEST interview yet with none other than Steve Elkins, a man whose decades long search for the Lost City of the Monkey God, or Ciudad Blanca, culminated in a game-changing 2015 expedition into the Honduran Rainforest and a recently released documentary detailing the incredible effort. 

Click here for the details on the March 16 2019 Lost City of the Monkey God documentary viewing in Washington D.C 

Link to Chris Fisher's Website and List of Publications 

Thank you to our Producer, Charlene Ramler, and all of our Patreon Supporters!

Episode L: The Great Flood Pt I, II, III

Most people will be familiar with the classic biblical tale of Noah, written in the Hebrew Bible and described as massive floods that washed over the earth swallowing the lands and all earthly beings...with the exception of a great Ark.

However this legend is in fact much older than the account described in the Book of Genesis. The Story of Ark tracing back to a far more distant past. Join us on Into The Portal for our 3 part series, as we search for ancient evidence of the flood the swallowed the World. 

Episode XLVIV: Genesis of the Goblin Part II

Deep inside tunnels beneath the earth of Bavaria and Austria there exist Subterranean creatures that have become known over the centuries as.. Goblins. 

But there are also creatures of small stature said to dwell in the caves and subterranean passages of North America, sometimes being linked to events and sightings that make the search for such beings all the more strange… Join us this week for Part II in our look into the past in order to understand the Genesis of the Goblin.

Episode XLVIII: Genesis of the Goblin

For thousands of years stories have existed of tiny humanoid creatures dwelling deep beneath the Earth's surface. From ancient Greece to pagan Europe, creatures known as Goblins have straddled the line between myth and reality - but, do they truly exist? Join us on Into The Portal for Part I of our investigation into the history, lore and possible existence of tiny subterranean creatures we know as... Goblins. 

Episode XLVII: Lost City of the Monkey God Part II

Join us on Into The Portal for a special look into the ongoing efforts to recover the history of these long forgotten peoples of the Lost City of the Monkey God. 

Part II of the series focuses in on the 2015 expedition to Honduras that was fuelled by the incredible finds of ground penetrating radar technology that has finally revealed the extent to which previously 'unknown' civilizations modified the landscapes of the ancient world.

Who were these 'lost' peoples of the Mosquitia rainforest, where did they come from, and why did they vanish? 

Episode XLVII: Lost City of the Monkey God

For centuries legends have persisted of a great White City buried deep in the jungles of Honduras, hiding in some of the most inhospitable territory one could possibly imagine. Yet… something has now been found!

Join us on Into The Portal as we piece together the myth and ongoing discovery of The Lost City of The Monkey God! In Episode I of our two part series.

Thank you to our Producer, Charlene Ramler, and all of our Patreon Supporters!

Episode XLVI: Labyrinth of the Minotaur

For centuries peoples of the Ancient southern mediterranean would hear accounts of a mighty king who kept hidden a creature so foul that it was confined to a place where it could never escape, nor would any human sent into its lair once again emerge alive… Join us tonight on Into The Portal for a journey back to Minoan Crete as we search for the Labyrinth of the Minotaur! 

Thank you to our Producer, Charlene Ramler, and all of our Patreon Supporters!

Episode XLV: Hound of the Depths: The Dobhar Chu

Hidden in murky lochs of Ireland and the British Isles dwells a creature that has become famous in local lore. A vicious beast that will drag its prey to a watery grave with powerful jaws... This creature is known as The Dobhar Chu. Some say its a massive unidentified otter species... Others claim it's some kind of unknown reptile. Join us this week on Into The Portal for a look at one of Irelands strangest cryptid creatures. The Dobhar Chu! 

Episode XLIV: Lore of the Golem

For centuries tales have persisted of a small number of Jewish Sages and Rabbis with the ability to create life from what was deemed soulless, unformed matter. The few with such occult knowledge were said to have created a legendary creature known as the Golem. 

Seen as a powerful protector in Jewish folklore and demonized by many others throughout history, the Golem remains one of the most fascinating concepts in ancient Kabbalistic records. Could such occult knowledge of divine creature really exist? And, if so, could a real Golem truly be formed? Join us on Into The Portal for a look at the world of ancient alchemy and occult ideas of creation as we search for... The Golem. 

Episode XLIII: Mystery of the Vanished Amber Room

Admired across Europe from its inception in 1701, the incredible Eighth Wonder of the World known more commonly as the Amber Room became a frontispiece for the achievements of early Germanic craftsmen.   

Gifted to Peter the Great of Russia, the Amber Room stood proudly in St. Petersburg until it was theft during World War Two by the official Nazi effort to reclaim all symbols of German heritage and prowess. The infamous Amber Room was lost in the chaotic end of the war, and remains THE most valuable missing artwork stolen by the Nazi Regime. 

Join us on Into The Portal for an Encore Re Release of our latest Patreon Full Length Episode, in our search for the Amber Room. 

Episode XLII: The Hunt for Mokele Mbembe

Legends of giant creatures lurking in Africa have been reported for centuries... accounts of ancient, unknown species containing vivid descriptions resembling that of prehistoric dinosaurs. Feared by all in the Congo Basin and beyond, the myth of the monstrous Mokele Mbembe lives in the hearts of all who encounter it.

Join Into The Portal for a look at this forgotten legend of African cryptozoology as we look at the Hunt for Mokele Mbembe. 

Episode XLI: Phantoms of the Sea

From antiquity to present day, sightings have been documented all over the world of phantasmal ships presumed to house the souls of drowned sailors eternally roaming the seven seas.

Join Into The Portal for a look at two infamous phantom ships hailing from opposite hemispheres of the globe, both obscured in the murky lurches of maritime history.

Episode XL: The Lost Mines of King Solomon

One of the most legendary of all biblical tales in the old testament is that of King Solomon, his great wisdom passed down by God... while his unfathomable wealth was known across the ancient world. He amassed a great treasure of precious stones, silver, spices and most importantly gold, over 13 tons per year flowing into his empire from a place called Ophir... But where was this epic source of gold located? 

Join us for a look into the ancient past for a mystery of biblical proportions and the search for the legendary mines and treasures of King Solomon. 

Episode XXXIX: Rise of the Gargoyles

Gargoyles have many dark associations. Inspired by Gothic traditions and marked by their often grotesque nature, these stone representations have an important role in many cultures throughout history not just simply serving as waterspouts. 

However, could these terrifying stone creatures be inspired from all too real encounters in our ancient past?

Join into the Portal for a historical look at one of architectures most fearsome features and real life accounts of such creatures identified as Gargoyles! 

Episode XXXVIII: Incursion of the Sea Peoples

The close of the Bronze Age was marked by drastic transitions, brutal falls of imperial powers that had been operating in the region for centuries. One mythical force that has baffled researchers for centuries is the invasive marauders known as The Sea Peoples.

The devastation of these invaders occurred during one of the most tumultuous, important, and influential periods in our human history, creating power vacuums that opened up spaces for new eras of development in the cradle of western civilization.

Join Into The Portal for a look at one of history's most mysterious force of invaders known only as The Sea Peoples.

Episode XXXVII: The Clarenville UFO Incident

In October of 1978 the small town of Clarenville, Newfoundland would become location of one of the strangest UFO sightings in Canadian History. After several reports of a massive unidentified object appearing over Random Island NL, Officer Jim Blackwood of the RCMP responded to a call that would change his belief forever. 

Join us on Into The Portal for an investigation into Officer backwoods account and try to decipher what it was he saw that day, in one of Canadas most odd unidentified craft sightings. The Clarenville UFO.

Episode XXXVI The Antikythera Riddle: Decoding Ancient Technologies

Ancient technologies can be cryptic and wonderfully complex, often revealing the hidden ingenuity of cultures long passed. Some defy the conventional narrative and revolutionize modern conceptions of our ancient brethren, while others are relegated to the dark corners of psuedo-science.

Join Into The Portal for a look at some examples of seemingly anarchistic technologies found in the depths of oceans and in caverns long abandoned by human civilization.

Episode XXXV: Man-Eating Plants

We are all aware of the many dangers the wild presents to mankind, from carnivorous mammals to poisonous insects, the world is crawling with deadly fauna. But what about the world's most deadly flora?

Such as The Man eating tree of Madagascar! Or perhaps the Devil Tree of Central Brazil... Join Into The Portal for a look into the world of Cryptobotany and some of the amazing and terrifying unknown plants that are said to prey on humans and animals alike! 

Episode XXXIV: Halloween Through The Ages

This week on Into The portal we delve into the ancient past of the night we know as Halloween. taking a walk through time and around the world, bringing you all some dark history and classic macabre legends. 

Join for this special holiday treat! And have a terrifying and awesome Halloween!

Episode XXXIII: The Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square, one of the most prestigious and well-known neighbourhoods in all of London, where the rich and powerful brush shoulders and their estates represent a level of luxury known only to the privileged. However, No. 50 Berkeley is another story. Although lavish in its inception, the building contains a dark, horrifying history. 

Countless unexplainable deaths, horrifying encounters, and a faceless, Nameless Horror that dwells behind the walls of No. 50. Debate continues over whether this case is that of a haunting, a monster, or something else entirely... 

Join Into The Portal for a look into one of London's most haunted places: the enduring mystery of The Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square. 

Episode XXXII: The Hexham Heads

What started as an innocent backyard discovery by two English boys in the Hexham county in 1971 soon spiralled into something unimaginable to most. The inexplicable mystery of poltergeist activity, a were-creature stalking the neighbourhoods of Britain, and two tiny stone heads on unknown origin that have since been lost in the indiscriminate shuffle of hands between academics, researchers and specialists of the occult.  

Join Into The Portal for a special Halloween season episode where we dive into Britain's spookiest mysteries: The Hexham Heads. 

Episode XXXI: Aradale Asylum

Asylums hold a special place in our nightmares. Places where those deemed undesirable were left, condemned, alone in the dark corners of our societies. The Aradale Asylum of Victoria, Australia, is one such place. People were locked away for unimaginable reasons, and subjected to horrific treatments and experimentations. 

Those who have resided behind the walls of Aradale continue to make their presence known, in one of the most haunted places in all of Australia. Join us on Into The Portal for a look into the dark past of psychiatric institutions and the infamous Aradale Asylum. 

Episode XXX: Las Brujas de Mexico

The belief in witchcraft is something that has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years, since the times of the Olmec and Maya of ancient Mesoamerica, long before European conquest and colonization. Terrifying legends of hideous monstrosities capable of sucking children’s souls away among other horrifying powers known as las brujas - witches - have haunted the peoples of Mexico and continue to do so to this day. 

Controversial 2006 video footage has reignited the discussion, go Into The Portal and discover a world of witchcraft, sorcery and black magic in Central Mexico.

Episode XXIX: The Good-Luck Man

The search for an elixir of life is common across mythologies around the world throughout history, with many stories claiming the type extreme longevity found only amongst those between gods and men. However some stories are more compelling than others. Allegedly born in 1677, the infamous Li Ching Yuen was one such extraordinary man, Who’s life quit possibly extended for over 250 years. His extreme longevity attributed to many simple things that quite possibly have roots in the legends of immortality found throughout the Ancient East, and with links to the quests of numerous emperors of Ancient China. 

Join us on Into The Portal for a different kind of mystery, as we discuss myths of eternal life, eastern mythology and of course delve into the life and practice of the legendary Yi Ching Yuen, otherwise known as, The Good-Luck Man. 

Episode XXVII: Spirit of the North

A legendary North American creature, the Wendigo has a long and terrifying history in the culture of the Algonquin peoples whose nations stretch from the Eastern Seaboard to the Western Prairies through the Great Lakes as far south as Virginia. The Wendigo is known as the dangerous spirit of winter with the ability to transform men, women, and children into a terrifying cannibalistic creature with a heart of ice. Join us on Into The Portal as we explore this horrific legend of the North. Join Into The Portal for a horrifying new adventure into one of the creepiest legends of the North.

Episode XXVI: The Lost Colony

The enduring American mystery of Roanoke and its vanished inhabitants remains unsolved to this day and has become an pivotal, intriguing case with clues pulling the search in many different directions. Join us on Into The Portal for an all new adventure steeped in a myriad of conflict between indigenous populations, warmongering privateers, and the political ambitions of the Spanish and English crowns.

Episode XXV: Alien Big Cats

Since the 1800's there have been stories of massive predatory cats roaming the forest lands of the Australian outback. And even earlier indigenous folklore told of creatures such as the Yarri, a dangerous marsupial cat that perhaps once inhabited mountainous areas thousands of years ago. 

To this day there are reports from witnesses who have spied felines that do not belong to Australia's plethora of deadly fauna, as well as evidence in the form of dead livestock, footprints, and scratch marks that indicate something much larger than a feral cat is stalking the rural backlands.

Join Into The Portal as we dive into another Creature of the Week: Alien Big Cats.

Episode XXIV UFO Encounters: Vallee and Trace Evidence

The UFO phenomena is an incredibly dense and complex subject, one that often leaves us with more questions than answers. In some unique cases, we are left with material traces from close encounters with the unknown. Join Into The Portal as we explore such cases as presented in a comparative survey by prominent Ufologist Jacques Vallée, and discuss ideas related to The Interdimensional Hypothesis in a follow up of the Maury Island Incident of 1947. 

Special Guest: Chris Birkinbine from Dash of Science Podcast.

Episode XXIII: The Maury Island Incident

In 1947 there were a series of bizarre encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects across the United States. Roswell, New Mexico became a household name. In Washington, a spree of sightings would unfold bringing to the modern world the concept of the ‘flying saucer’ and possibly the first instance of Men in Black. Join us on Into The Portal as we explore one of the lesser known encounters in UFO history, the Maury Island Incident.

Episode XXII Ancient Explorers: Irish Connection

So many explorers have fallen through the cracks of history, shunned away into the dark places that lie somewhere between reality and myth. The tales of early Irish Christians spoke of one such man name St. Brendan, who sailed the North Atlantic establishing very real monasteries along his way. But legends also tell of Brendan embarking on another journey, one much more dangerous; a mission to a new world. Encountering monsters and giants, braving balls of fire and strange creatures, the stories of Brendan and his Monks hold possible clues to uncovering a very real journey.

This week on Into The Portal we dive into the incredible Legend of St. Brendan as well as Celtic Myths, discussing the possibility of an epic Pre-Columbian journey to North America launched from the British Isles. Ancient Irish and Celtic Explorers.

Episode XXI: Ancient Chinese Explorers

In Part I of our Pre-Columbian contact series we will be looking into ancient China and the great adventures made by numerous explorers, some perhaps making it to the other side of the world.

The great voyage made by Columbus to the New World in 1492 has been taught for centuries as the supposed start of a new era. However, there is evidence to suggest that other explorers made their way across the Oceans to the shores of North America long before Columbus ever set sail.  

Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss great explorers of ancient China, their technology, and classic Chinese legends linked to pre-Columbian contact. 

Episode XX: The Strange Mind of Nikola Tesla

The brilliance of Tesla is difficult to quantify. His ideas often extended beyond the reach of the normal, the acceptable, far beyond the grasp of his peers in many accounts. Tesla's esoteric concepts and innovations in electricity and harnessing energy often led him down a strange path that ultimately led to his estrangement from society. However, he never ceased in his research which has become the basis for numerous modern technologies and has led Tesla to be associated with an endless slew of conspiracies as well.

Tonight, we are joined by Chris from the Dash of Science podcast to discuss the eccentricities of this electric figure in modern western history and uncover some of the myths behind the notorious Nikola Tesla.

Episode XIX: The Bunyip

The outback of Australia is known for its deadly creatures. From the poisonous puncture of the Sydney Funnel Mouth Spider to the fatal sting of the Box Jellyfish, Australia is teeming with creatures with the power to eradicate humankind – or, at least cause the early demise of those most unfortunate individuals to encounter them. 

The legendary Bunyip is no exception. Known for centuries by Australian aborigines, the giant creature is said to lurk in swamps and billabongs, letting out a booming call before striking its unlucky victim. Join Into The Portal as we dig deep into the history of this elusive sub-aquatic creature.

Episode XVIII: The Invisible City

The Invisible City of Kitezh was borne out of a 13th century legend involving the Mongols, a fervently religious group , and a city disappearing into the depths of Lake Svetloyar. The Story goes that the city of Kitezh was founded as part of two twin cities, Maly Kitezh (Small Kitezh), and Bolshoy Kitezh (Big Kitezh). Not long after, a descendent of Ghenghis Khan caught wind of the two cities and decided to invade and ransack them. The first and smaller of the two was quickly captured, but the real prize, Bolshoy Kitezh still stood hidden in the dense forest… Join Into The Portal for a whole new historical mystery as we dissect the fall of one of the what has been called the Atlantis of Russia, the mysterious Invisible City that lives on this day as one of the world’s most revered holy sites.

Episode XVII Amelia Earhart: Legacy and Disappearance

On July 2nd, 1937 Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific Ocean without a trace. They had been circumnavigating the globe, making successful flights across South America, Africa, and so many of the places that Amelia had dreamed of as a little girl spinning her globe and wishing to one day travel to all these exotic lands.

On the final major leg of their journey Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan lost radio contact while struggling to get a bearing on Howland Island, their final refueling stop before Hawaii. They never reached their destination and famously vanished in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Eighty years later investigators are still trying to piece together the mystery behind their tragic disappearance. Join Into The Portal for a special interview with the Chasing Earhart podcast host and researcher Chris Williamson as we discuss predominant theories on her disappearance, the direction current investigations are headed today and the lasting legacy of Amelia Earhart.

Episode XVI: Real Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Bonny and Read

The life at sea is no place for a lady. However, this was hardly the way to describe Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two fearless female pirates that lived during the Golden Era of Caribbean piracy of the 1700’s. What brief record exists of the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary Read were filled with enough notorious deeds to qualify the women for a place of honor beside Blackbeard and other well-known male pirates….

Read had humble origins in England as the illegitimate daughter of a poor widow who, out of sheer necessity, dressed her as a boy from an early age. Bonny came from a wealthy family, however, her upbringing was no less mired in scandal and as young women the two found themselves thrust into the male-dominated, rough and tumble world of Caribbean piracy, where they would make their legendary mark in a most remarkable way.

Episode XV: The Braxton County Monster

In the year 1952, a particularly strange series of events took place in the area of Flatwoods, West Virginia. An unidentified object crash-landed in the hills above the heavily wooded Braxton County area and was witnessed by a group of young boys, who would later recount one of the most frightening and bizarre alien encounters of the early 1950's. Join us on Into The Portal as we team up with the Zeng This Podcast to investigate a creature that once lurked in the hills of Braxton County... Better known as, The Flatwoods Monster. 

Episode XIV PT II. Underworld of Giza: Osiris' Shaft

The mysteries of the Giza Plateau continue for Into The Portal with yet another entry into the Underworld... The Shaft of Osiris, a multi-layer underground complex of chambers offers yet another intriguing case, the function of which has eluded researchers to date. 

Join us for a bonus episode in which we discuss theories surrounding the Shaft of Osiris, its connection to the Egyptian concept of the Underworld, as well as dive explore some fascinating listener contributions.

Episode XIV: Underworld of Giza

Deep beneath the shifting sands of the Egyptian desert lies a forgotten place… a mysterious network of catacombs known as Giza’s Underworld. Long considered purely metaphorical, the ancient Egyptian concept of the Afterlife is conceived of as an intense journey through lakes of fire, carnivorous animals, pits of serpents, and devious deities. However, no one ever thought this place could exist in the physical realm, until now… Join Into The Portal as we embark on a whole new adventure in a familiar setting, as we investigate the mysteries of Giza.

Episode XIII The Great Lakes Triangle Part II: Vanished Aircraft 

When it comes to places on Earth where inexplicable events occur The Great Lakes Triangle is by far the least known, while also being one of the most deadly. The area that forms a rough triangle shape stretching across all 5 of the Great Lakes has claimed the lives of thousands of sailors in its frigid waters, some left to be found... Others vanished never to be seen again. However, it is not only vessels on the water that have experienced bizarre phenomena within the triangle. The Great Lakes have become a graveyard of violent and strange aircraft disasters that to this day have yet to be explained.

Often times the evidence is contradictory, other times there is simply no evidence to be found, while often what occurs simply makes no sense at all. Like the disappearance of Eugene Moncla in 1953 as he vanished from radar after attempting to intercept an unknown craft, never to be seen again. Or Flight 389, that in good weather and with calm experienced pilots, inexplicably plummeted into Lake Michigan en route to Chicago.

To this day very little evidence has been discovered that could explain the events which occur within the Great Lakes Triangle. Whether its a hot spot for UFO activity, an area of an immense Geo-Magnetic anomaly, or something else altogether, it is a mystery that has left researchers perplexed for decades. Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss vanished aircraft, inexplicable crashes and concluding theories on Part II of The Great Lakes Triangle.

Episode XIII The Great Lakes Triangle Part I: Shipwrecks

There are places in our world where ships may venture and never return, where inexplicable events take place and where those who vanish are often lost forever...

When it comes to the disappearance of ships and airplanes most people think of the Bermuda Triangle as the world's most renowned underwater graveyard. Very few would ever consider freshwater inland lakes to be one of the most dangerous geographic locations on Planet Earth, however... 

Over the last several hundred years there have been over 6,000 shipwrecks and vanished aircraft in a location that has become known as The Great Lakes Triangle. A place with quite possibly more unexplained transportation incidents than any other location on Earth,  the Great Lakes turn the Bermuda Triangle into a harmless passageway by comparison. 

Whether it be the unexplained last actions of the infamous Edmund Fitzgerald freighter - or the disappearance of The Griffon back in 1679, The Great Lakes Triangle has continuously swallowed those that cross its treacherous waters. Some ships are left to be discovered at the bottom of a frigid grave, while others have never been located again. 

Join us on Into The Portal for Part I of our two-part series on The Great Lakes Triangle, as we dive into the most compelling mysteries of disappeared shipping vessels and unexplained wrecks to date.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Jake, this one's for you buddy.

Episode XII: Legends of the Great White North

The World is a bizarre place and Canada is no exception. Each Province and the communities within them, large and small, hold unique and frightening tales that have become a part of the land, buildings and people that have experienced phenomena some of us can only claim to have seen in our dreams. Whether it be lost gold in the mountains above New Westminster, British Columbia or haunted buildings in Calgary, Alberta, it seems that Canadian history is steeped in many things mysterious and unknown. 

This week Into The Portal takes you down a slightly different path...  joining forces with Double Density Podcast for Part One of a two-part series where together we discuss cases of paranormal phenomena and other strange stories that ultimately find their home in the Great White North.

Episode XI Rock Gate: The Legend of Ed Leedskalnin

Rock Gate: known to most as Coral Castle, this momentous stone garden in Florida has been referred to as the Stonehenge of the 21st century. Built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin, Rock Gate represents one of the most remarkable engineering feats achieved by a single individual - whose work was performed entirely in secret.

So the legend goes, Ed Leedskalnin claimed to know the secrets of the Egyptians and had harnessed a form of anti-gravity magnetism to lift immense blocks of limestone. Ed single-handedly constructed his Magnum Opus, Rock Gate, in dedication to his mysterious sweet sixteen, a young woman who left Ed before they could be married. The cryptic riddles of the loner immigrant have been left in short books written by Ed, leaving modern interpretations of his work to run wild with speculation, including those related to ancient magnetic and acoustic forms of levitation.

Ideas of ancient levitation are not unique to Coral Castle. Travellers have witnessed Tibetan monks achieve levitation of both themselves and their objects through the use of sound, using their bodies as the primary source of energy. As we look back even further to the ancient stone Moai of Easter Island or the great pyramids of Egypt, questions of exactly how such feats were accomplished become a controversial realm where science and pseudo-science often become blurred. How exactly did Ed build his 1,000 ton Rock Gate? Join us for Episode XI of Into The Portal as we join forces with The Mad Scientist Podcast to discuss levitation, ancient magnetism and the incredible legend of Coral Castle.

Episode X: The People With No Fire

North Sentinel, the smallest inhabited island within the Andaman range in the Bay of Bengal and home to a bizarre and curious peoples: the Sentinelese. These people, whose population numbers are unknown, have managed to remain isolated for over 60,000 years. When attempts to contact them have taken place... the result is never favourable for the intruders.

Known to be excellent marksmen, the Sentinelese choose to volley outsiders with waves of long arrows tipped with salvaged iron from shipwrecks, a trademark that has cast them in the light as one of the most hostile and dangerous indigenous groups in the world. Because they share no culture or language with neighbouring islanders, little is known of the Sentinelese, which only adds to the allure and mystery of this tribe. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the North Sentinel Islanders is found in the dominant description: The People With No Fire.  Join Into The Portal for a new adventure in the Bay of Bengal as we attempt to unravel the mystery of the last pre-Neolithic groups in modern times.

Episode IX Unknown Siberia: Secrets of the Depths

Many have heard of Siberia, but few can claim to know the many historic secrets and unexplained phenomena that are home to this vast hostile landscape…From ghost armies that are known charge across the frozen waters until disappearing suddenly into the fog, to the many sightings of UFO's and USO's - Unidentified Submersible Objects - that soar from the depths across star strewn skies in dazzling displays of light, the areas of Lake Baikal and Lake Issyk-Kul have become well known for the sheer amount of unexplained events that have taken place throughout the ages.

Even more bizarre is the evidence surfacing from the depths of Baikal and Issyk-Kul which increasingly suggests that ancient civilizations much more advanced than previously thought existed and became submerged by the unpredictable natures of the Rift Lakes that are known to dramatically shift their surface level in unpredictable ways. Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss these bizarre occurrences, and investigate the possible links between ancient times and modern unexplained phenomena of remote Siberia.

Episode VII: Thunderbirds - Giants of the Sky

Thunderbirds: For years, giant birds unknown to science have been reported all over North America and beyond. Indigenous mythologies tell of creatures large enough to attack and carry off whales, while in the Middle East and North Africa legendary birds were said to attack small elephants. Modern day sightings describe dark coloured creatures with raptor like features and wingspans large enough to carry away children. Could birds with these capabilities actually exist in modern North America? Join Amber and Andrew as they soar through the history or bizarre sightings of giant birds from pilots to schoolteachers... normal people with paranormal experiences.

Episode VII: Mysteries of Voodoo

The word Voodoo conjures up all sorts of dark imagery in the minds of most people today. Dolls with needles strategically stabbed through them, wicked curses beset on unlucky victims and zombification are all common tropes perpetuated by Hollywood and popular culture. Despite this... Voodoo is indeed one of the worlds most mysterious religions, shrouded in a dark historical past of slavery and violent political transitions. What may come as a surprise to most is where most of these ‘myth-conceptions’ actually originate from… Join us on Into The Portal as we unravel the mysteries of one of the most misunderstood religions of present day.

Episode VI: Curse of the Doppelgänger

A harbinger of death bearing one’s own countenance. The phenomenon commonly referred to as the Doppelganger, or double-goer, appears in human history from ancient times to present day. Encountering one’s own double is documented by many prominent people throughout history: Katherine the Great of Russia, Queen Elizabeth I, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Abraham Lincoln all claimed to have seen their own Doppelgangers with tragedy soon befalling them. Join hosts Amber and Andrew if you dare peer Into The Portal to explore the treacherous history of the Double-goer.  

Episode V: Mongolian Deathworms

For centuries Mongolian nomads in the remote Gobi Desert have passed down tales of a dangerous creature lurking beneath the sands... Ogloi Khorkoi. A creature with the ability to kill on impact, whether through a fatal shower of toxic slime or even electric shock, lays in wait under the cover of the shifting landscape while ill-fated prey roam, unaware, on the deceptively unsafe surface. Known to westerners as the Mongolian Deathworm, the Ogloi Khorkoi has evaded capture whether on film or through the expedited efforts of cryptozoologists venturing into the Gobi in search of this elusive monster. Could an ancient creature exist in this remote and unique habitat? Or could some bizarre unidentified sub species of reptile unknown to modern biology explain the mystery? Join Amber and Andrew as they dive into this strange legend and break down origins, expeditions and theories of their own.

Episode IV: The Search For Zerzura

Somewhere in the Saharan desert, a city remains hidden… Many have searched, following the clues left scattered in the sands of time, traces of the ancient legend of Zerzura. Theories abound as to what Zerzura could have been, with anecdotes and physical evidence discovered to this day that continues to tantalize explorers in search of the riches of the Lost Oasis. Join us for Episode IV of Into the Portal, where we take a trek into the desert to unearth one of the most intriguing and lesser-known legends of ancient times: The Mythical White City of Zerzura.

Episode III: The Lore of the Homunculus

The Homunculus: Derived from the Latin term for 'Little Man', homunculi are miniature humanoids reportedly grown inside some kind of vessel. Throughout the ages, many prominent alchemists claim to have conceived of these creatures through artificial conception of various disturbing means. The case of the Homunculus represents one of the most mysterious aspects of Alchemy and remains so to this day. Although modern conceptions of the homunculus have taken a decidedly much different path - could there have once existed esoteric knowledge to allow for such a creature to exist? Find out on this week's episode of Into The Portal.


Episode II: The Legend of Ogopogo

For centuries people have reported sightings and encounters with an unexplained creature in Okanagan Lake known locally as Nha-a-itk, or Ogopogo. One of the earliest reported settler sightings came from a pioneer gentlewoman by the name of Susan Allison. Allison was  a school teacher originally from Hope, British Columbia, who moved to the west side of the Okanagan Valley after marrying John Falls Allison in the 1860's. Allison's encounter with the beast came in 1873, when she reported to have seen the creature swimming near her home, Sunnyside Ranch - a property owned today by Quails Gate Winery. Her description of the creature was to be echoed by many others over the years, including sightings by masses of people who reportedly viewed the creature(s) for several minutes - most notably the 1928 Mission Beach sighting. While Ogopogo has eluded investigators for centuries, the search has turned the monster into the most photographed lake beasts in the world, surpassing the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Could there really be such a creature lurking in the depths of Okanagan lake? Join us for Episode II of Into the Portal, where we investigate the most compelling encounters, sightings, history and more behind this elusive legend. 


Episode I: The Lost Army Of Cambyses

Can 50,000 men truly disappear beneath the sand? The Persian ruler Cambyses II ruled between 530 and 522BC making great progress in the Persian advance into Egypt, building off the legacy of his late father Cyrus the Great who founded the Achaemenid Empire. However written accounts by a man named Herodotus who travelled through Egypt some 75 years later speaking to Egyptian priests and others along his travels account for a much more tempered and rash man than his father. According to Herodotus work The Histories the famous Oracle of Amon located in the Siwa Oasis (the modern day Libyan boarder) had predicted the impending demise of Cambyses. Enraged at the news of this Cambyses sent out 50,000 troops into the desert to cross into the Oasis and kill the Oracle and take the Ammonians as slaves... Weeks pass and his army does not return, nor did they arrive at Siwa. According to Ammonian scouts the Persians had reached half way but when taking their midday meal a great southern wind arose creating massive columns of whirling sand, swallowing the 50,000 men. Join us for this weeks episode where we look into the the details of this strange account, the history, theories and some pretty interesting modern accounts of the search for Cambyses Lost Army.