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This does not necessarily mean we agree with all the information and opinions represented in these sources.

Episode LV: Abducted: The Story of Charlotte Brown 

Top 10 Canadian UFO cases 

Montreal Sightings 

First abduction mainstream barney and betty hill

Episode LVI: The Diamond of death

Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained. TimeLife Books (pp 75-76)

Episode LI: Strange Sasquatch Encounters

Some top 5 sasquatch theories

Relic Human population ?

Ruby Creek Incident


Article from Jeff Meldrum

Sasquatch Attacks

List of sightings BC

Historic sightings

Sasquatch Attack Northern Ontario Monster Quest

Recent doc on Sasquatch on Northern Lake Superior

The Case for Ontario Sasquatch

Sighting in Quebec

Northern Ontario Travel info

Old Yellow Top

Sasquatch Canada website list of sightings

Additional Sasquatch Sources:

Skookum hangout GPS coordinates

Episode L: The Great Flood

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Episode XLVIII: Genesis of the Goblin

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Episode XLIV: Lore of the Golem

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Episode XXXVIII: Incursion of the Sea Peoples

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Episode XXXVII: The Clarenville UFO Incident

WATCH: 1978 Interview with officer Jim Blackwood, Youtube (2015)

LISTEN: “Remembering Clarenville UFO of 1978.” CBC Central Morning with Leigh Power (Jan 5 2017)

“Retired RCMP Officer Remembers Clarenville UFO Experience.” The Packet (Oct 28 2015)

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Episode XXXVI The Antikythera Riddle: Decoding Ancient Technologies

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Episode XXIX: The Good-Luck Man

“The World's Oldest Man Li Ching Yuen 256 Years Old.” Unexplained Mysteries, YouTube (2017)

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Episode XX: The Strange Mind of Nikola Tesla

Tesla and Alien Communications

Overview of the Life of Tesla, Smithsonian

Washington Post 1979 MIT Professors still laugh at Particle Beam Idea

Tunguska Event, Tesla Society   

Tunguska and the Death Ray

Tesla and potential involvement in the Philadelphia Experiments

Death Ray, Tesla Research

The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla (Lost Science) by David Hatcher Childress Tesla’s Missing Papers


The Facts and Fictions of Nikola Tesla, Everyone’s Favourite Inventor (2007)

The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Tim Swartz (2001), Global Communications P., 

Tesla and Teleportation

Tesla and Swami Vivekananda, Tesla Memorial Society various articles and excerpts

BBC Tesla Documentary

YouTube History Documentary: Dramatic Reimagining of the Current War, Tesla vs Edison

“Tesla’s Lost Journals: Aliens, Advanced Weapons and Free Energy” Universe Inside You YouTube Channel

Episode XIV Gremlins: Creatures of the Sky

Tales from a RAF Pilot, Hubert Griffith

1943 The Spectator Article on Early Sightings

Mysterious Universe, "Real Gremlins of WWII" 

Supposedly REAL Gremlins, Strange Small Monkey Species in the Amazon that resembles the creature, but this does not account for RAF encounters

Brook Durham, Benzedrine History of Use in War Operations, courtesy of the Laurier Military History Archive

History of Benzedrine in America, The Atlantic

Livestrong Information on Side Effects of Benzedrine Benzedrine side effects

History of Benzedrine, Wikipedia

WWII Pilot L.W. Speaks Out about Gremlin Encounters "Seven People who have claimed to experience Gremlins" 

Skeptoid Article, Reports of Gremlins from the 1920’s

More Gremlin claims from 1920’s and onward (  

The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters

The Chinese Mogwai, Early Gremlin type Creatures

More info on USAF and RAF Gremlin Incidents


The Flight Blog Report on Gremlins

Charles Lindbergh’s memoir: The Spirit of St Louis,  Google Books Preview

Fortean  times forum on Lindbergh and Gremlins


Episode XII: Legends of the Great White North

Double Density website:

British Columbia (ITP)

Lost Pitt Lake Mine

Yukon (Double Density) (Angelo)

Gold rush ghosts (

Great videos by Travel Yukon:;CPO_JSESSIONID=3Bj4vzF3l340i0bNTqvucDx6bjH5f02F0qzB4BGaZvIdziAJQQX7!-1471437502?execution=e1s1

Polly the Parrot:

Mrs. Gideon’s Ghost

Alberta (Double Density) (Brian and Angelo)

Calgary - Home to a lot of spooky spaces (Example:

Deane House is a restaurant:

Northwest Territories (ITP)

Waheela , Giant wolves

Saskatchewan (ITP)

The Legend of Candle Lake  -

National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For Saskatchewan

Manitoba (Double Density) (Brian)

Friggin UFOs everywhere, just look up in the sky:

The Fort Garry in Winnipeg:

Footnote: Falcon Lake incident, the Canadian Mint has created a $20 coin that looks like a guitar pick to commemorate it, it retails for 130 Canadian and is sold out. Wamp wamp.

All sound effects provided by:

Episode XI Rock Gate: The Legend of Ed Leedskalnin

Ed Leedskalnin wiki:

Preview of Ed’s Magnetic Current Work:

Details on Leedskalnin’s Writings and where to buy them:

Edward Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder (How it Works)

History of SuperConductors:

Focused Infrasound Pulsations Levitate Piezoelectric Stones by Bruce Cathie and David H. Childress

Tombe, Frederick David, The Double Helix Theory of the Magnetic Field, General Science Journal (Feb 2006)

Coral Castle: The Mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and His American Stonehenge

By Rusty McClure, Jack Heffron

Sound Levitation 

Stone Levitation Article 

Pyramids & Levitation 

Blog Article on Ed 

Rapa Nui (Easter Island heads) 

Monks, Levitation 

History of Magnet Therapy 

Ed's Book on Magnetic Current 

Pyramid construction 

How do magnets work? 

Ed leedskalnin's Perpetual motion holder

MinutePhysics video MAGNETS: How Do They Work?

Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism

Ed Leedskalnin pyramids mason magic - Coral Castle Part 1

TedX Youth talk:  Magnetic Suspension, Levitation, and Propulsion: Matthew Thomas Sturm at Seabury Hall 2014

12 ft. Tripod with chain hoist - Great way to move heavy logs!

Ideas on Pyramid construction with water and canals 

Episode X: The People With No Fire

Burton, Adrian. “A World of Their Own.” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (2012) :

The Andaman Islanders in a regional genetic context: Reexamining the evidence for an early peopling of the archipelago from South Asia G Chaubey, P Endicott - Human biology, 2013 - BioOne  

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“Tribes from the Stone Age live through it all” by Peter Foster

30 Dec 2004

Stone Age tribe kills fishermen who strayed on to island UK Telegraph By Peter Foster, 08 Feb 2006

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“Chapter 8: The Andamanese” in The Tribes, by George Weber

The Bay of Bengal Pilot Guide By Great Britain Hydrographic Department (1887)

Survival International Article

Protecting Isolated Tribes

Civilizations left unconnected forbes mag

Contact Timeline North Sentinel

Smithsonian Mag, Lost Tribes of Amazon

Papua New Guinea Lost Tribes


Footage, Contact with Sentinelese

Dr Pandit

Episode IX Unknown Siberia: Secrets of the Depths

‘Aliens and UFO’s at World’s Deepest Lake” Siberian Times article (2015):

“Russia’s Mysterious Lake Baikal Devours Vessels”

“Russia’s Deep Lakes Are Populated by a Race of Giant Underwater Humanoids” (2016):

“Episode 32: Lake Baikal” Astonishing Legends Podcast:

“Mysterious Giants Inhabit Eurasian Lakes” Pravda Report (2008):

“Remains of an Ancient Civilization Found on the Bottom of a Lake” Sputnik News (2007):

“2012 Issyk-Kul Expedition: Search for a Sunken Palace” National Geographic Blog:

"One More Ancient Civilization Found in Lake Issyk-Kul: Could This be Where St Matthew is Buried?" (2015):

Baikal Myths and Legends:

“Saka Tribe During Early Iron Age”

“Three-Eyed Lama’s Encounter With Giants & Ancient Extraterrestrial Beings In A Secret Underground World” (2015):

Issyk-Kul lake Info:

Ancient skeletons discovered in Georgia threaten to overturn the theory of human evolution” (2009):  

“Seeking Giant Boes in the Georgian Causases”  

Government Website on Georgia’s Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park and the surrounding area: http://www.borjomi-kharagauli-np.g

Under Water Alien Bases

Lake Baikal Humanoids

Aliens in Deep Lakes

Baikal Ice Circles

Article on Russian Dive Team (Translate)

Russian Mer Man Folklore

New Humans



Episode VIII: Thunderbirds - Terror of the Sky

Canadian Encyclopedia, Thunderbirds 

Thunderbirds Ancient Origins

North East Legends, American Folklore

Cowichan Valley Myth

Prehistoric Birds

Ropen Sightings

Smithsonian Mag Ropen

Giant Penguins Pro Quest

Largest Birds


Cryptozoology site info on Thunderbirds:

Bizarre blog including a personal anecdote about Thunderbirds:

BBC article by Nicole Wilson (2015) titled, “The Reign of the Terror Birds”:

“The Giant Thunderbirds Return” Thoughtco article:

“Thunderbird Sightings – True Stories” Thoughtco article:

“Giant Bird” raw YouTube footage (5 mins) of a giant unidentified bird in the sky:

“Thunderbird: Pterodactyl Sighted in Oregon” Youtube Video:

Cowboys and Dragons: Investigating the Thunderbirds Photo Story

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

“Fantastically Wrong: The Scientist that thought birds migrate to the Moon” Wired article:

Monsterquest: Birdzilla (season 1 Episode 4):

Additional Reading: 

Hall, Mark A. Thunderbirds: America's Living Legends of Giant Birds. (2004) 

Beckley, Timothy. Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World of Cryptid Creatures. (2018)

Episode VII: Mysteries of Voodoo

Voodoo Documentary (New Atlantis): 

Thorton, John K. “On the Trail of Voodoo: African Christianity in Africa and the Americas.” Volume 44, Issue 3, January 1988 , pp. 261-278. (Abstract):

Bishop, Kyle. “The Sub‐Subaltern Monster: Imperialist Hegemony and the Cinematic Voodoo Zombie” Journal of American Culture, Vol. 31, Is. 2 (2008):

Max Beauvoir, life and death Daily Mail article (2015):

“Max Beauvoir, Who Gave up Science to Be a High Priest of Voodoo, Dies at 79” NYTimes article by Sam Roberts (2015)

Wiki Reference on JuJu:

Hoodoo Reference Wiki:

Skeptical Inquirer Article “Zombies and Tetrodotoxin” by Terence Hines

Bokor Reference Wiki:

Black Magic and the Bokor:

Denatura Plant Reference Wiki:

Article on the Phenomenon of Zombies:

Ackermann, Hans and Jeanine Gauthier. “The Way and Nature of the Zombie.” The Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 104, No. 414 (Autumn, 1991), pp. 466-494 (Article Preview):

Myths and Facts about Crystal Balls:

Voodoo in the French Quarter:

“Tarot Card History: Are They Really That Ancient?”

“World Cup Witchcraft: African Team Turns to Magic for Aid.” By Stefan Lovran (2006)

Origins of Voodoo:

“Mistress Marie Laveau: The Real Story of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans” by Tatiana Danger (2014)

Marie Catherine Laveau: Voodoo Queen of New Orleans (September 10, 1801 – June 15, 1881)

Ancient Origins, Mysteries (Voodoo) 

1864 Trial of Voodoo Haiti, Smithsonian Magazine 

Old 1880's Article , Voodoo Sacrifice, Example of Misinformation 

University of North Texas, On the Trail OF Hoodoo 

Hoodoo Information

Nat Geo Article on Voodoo

Salt & Witchcraft

Poppet Dolls

Ancient Use of Dolls

Power and Magic in West Africa

Strange Matters Podcast, “ Haitian Zombification” (May 2017)

Graveyard Tales Podcast, “The Voodoo that Yoodoo”

All sound effects provided by:

Additional Reading:

Parrinder, Geoffrey. West African Religion: A Study of the Beliefs and Practices of Akan, Ewe, Yoruba, Ibo, and Kindred Peoples Sep 17 2014

Davis, Wade. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1986):

The Materiality of Magic: An Artifactual Investigation Into Ritual Practices and Popular Beliefs. Ed. by Houlbrook, Ceri and Natalie Armitage. Oxbow Book Press, 2015.


Episode VI: Curse of the Doppelganger

Wikipedia entry on Zoroastrianism:

Wikipedia entry on Zoroastrian theology and the figure of Angra Mainyu (the evil twin):

James W. Boyd A. Donald: "Is Zoroastrianism Dualistic Or Monotheistic?" Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Volume XLVII, Issue 4, 1 December 1979, Pages 557–588, ;

Wikipedia entry on Ancient Egyptian concept of the Soul:

Information of Egyptian Concept of the Body/Soul: source on Ancient Egyptian religious concepts:

GUTENBERG Reference article to Doppelgangers:änger

Ancient Origins overview on Doppelgangers:änger

Finnish etiäinen Wikipedia entry:äinen

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: Norse mythology blog on Vardoger:øger-a-vardøger-roughly

Wikipedia entry on the Vardoger:øger

Brief Reference to the Etiainen:

Martian Herald Article on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his Doppelganger experience:

Translated edition of Johann Goethe’s autobiography, Truth and Poetry: From My Own Life; Or, The Autobiography of Goethe:;+Or,+The+Autobiography+of+Goethe&hl=fi&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYj-K51szZAhUJ24MKHXoKCW8Q6AEIMDAB#v=onepage&q=Truth%20and%20Poetry%3A%20From%20My%20Own%20Life%3B%20Or%2C%20The%20Autobiography%20of%20Goethe&f=false

Emiliee Sagee’s account:

Piercy Shelley’s Doppelganger account from History in an Hour:

Listverse article on Doppelgangers:

Wikipedia entry on Syndrome of Subjective Doubles:

Brief History of Doppelgangers:

Origins/definition of Doppelganger:änger

Wikipedia entry on Mary of Jesus de Agreda and Bilocation:Ágreda#Mystical_bilocation_and_effect_on_missionaries

Peer-reviewed reference to Doppelgangers: Japanese Horror and the Transnational Cinema of Sensations By Steven T. Brownäinen+celtic&source=bl&ots=LEqRSjKLp_&sig=HUrCNRMONkOcteSsXnOlE4rx8yA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwimrerMlu_ZAhUCxmMKHSa3C64Q6AEIVjAH#v=onepage&q=etiäinen%20celtic&f=false

Out-of-body experience, heautoscopy, and autoscopic hallucination of neurological origin Implications for neurocognitive mechanisms of corporeal awareness and self-consciousness.

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Brain Research Review article on Autoscopy, Heautoscopy:

Double Trouble: Doppelgangers and the Mythology of Spirit Doubles:

Sound effects from


Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, “The Shadow”:

Freud’s 1919 The Uncanny Essay:


Episode V: Mongolian Deathworms


Wiki For the Mongolian Death Worm:

Cryptid Wiki Blog, Not Peer Reviewed: 

Article Focused on General Myth, Nomad Stories:

National Geographic Video Clip 2005 Search for Death Worm:

Brief Fact Sheet from Nat Geo on Mongolian Death Worm:

General Info, Myth, Legend.

Blog on Amphisbaenia and other possible Animals mistaken as Death Worm:

Gobi Desert, General Info:

On The Trail Of Ancient Man Article, 1927 South China Morning Post, Hong Kong. Roy Chapman Andrew:

Alleged Sightings:

Review of Beasts That Hide from Man, With Death Worm Reference: 

Olgoi-Khorkhoi, Otherwise known as Mongolian Death Worm:

Blog, Hunt for the Mongolian Death Worm, general info:

1990's Search:

Website for Ivan Mackerle, 1990's Researcher and Adventurer: 

Possibilities, Snakes, King Boa:

Australonuphis, Australian Sand Worms:

Legends of The Gobi, Death Worms:

Blog on Names of Death Worm, Info:

Ancient Monster of the Libyan Desert:

South Gobi and Desert Facts/Info: 

Beware the Death Worm, Article:

Hagfish info:

NYTimes book review article for Dragon Hunter by Charles Gallenkamp

Beneath The Dunes, Blog, Info:


Episode IV: The Search for Zerzura


A webpage detailing the legend and various efforts to find the lost oasis:

a page dedicated to Lazlo Almasy (abbreviated biography) and his time in the desert; also of note is reference to Patrick Clayton in the search for Zerzura:

Webpage describing the Oasis and Attempts to find it:

University of Arizona, Thomas Schneider’s article “The West Beyond the West: The Mysterious ‘Wernes’ of the Egyptian Underworld and the Chad Paleolakes” at

Oxford Arts and Humanities Resource Page describing Carlo Bergmann’s accomplishments:

Carlo Bergmann’s 2001-2003 finds:

Googleplay EBook of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson’s A Handbook for Traveller’s in Egypt:  

Details on the history of transitional ‘whitening’ of Northern African populations

Jack Shenker, The Egyptians: A Radical History of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution (2017)  

Kitab Al kana Wiki references

The Crusades History 

JSTOR Geographic Journal Article

Lost Oases Article

Information on Fayum, Agriculture

Tibu Peoples

Sahara Facts

Crusades in North Africa

Cult of Dionysus


Major Bagnold University of Honk Kong Lecture article 

University of Chicago, Herodotus Gods interpretation

Kufra Oasis

Gilf Kebir Rock art

Amed Hassenien Bey

Kitab Al- Buhan Book of Wonders

The Geographic Journal Articles (Previews available on Google Scholar; full PDF access through JSTOR, where its free to register an account or login via your academic institution):

Ball, “Remarks on the ‘Lost’ Oasis” (1928)

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Map of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt:

Exemplore Blogpost on the Jinn:

Explanations of Sleep Paralysis in Egypt Vs. Denmark (the Jinn):

Neolithic Cultures Overview:

Ancient River Systems in North Africa:

Zerzura Article:

History of Water Dowsers:

Information on Water Dowsing History:

Ancient Druid Religion article:

General Reference to the Jinn:

General Reference to the Toubou/Tibu Peoples:

Additional reading:

Wright, John: The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade (2007):

Doughty, Charles Montagu: Travels in Arabia Deserta


Episode III: Lore of the Homunculus


History of Alchemy Podcast/Website

Paracelcus/ Neo Platonism

Richard Coniff, Smithsonian Mag , Article on Alchemy and Homunculus

Ancient Alchemy

University Of Liege, Greco-Egyptian Alchemy

Ancient Origins, Alchemy and The Homunculus

Stanford Article, Transmutation and Homunculus

Modern attempt to create Homunculus

Bride of Frankenstein clip with Homunculi

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Peracelsianism and Rosicrucianism:

Neoplatonism definition:

Homunculus in Paracelsus, faust (JStor article, Snow)

The Critical Heritage, W. Somerset Maughan, ed by Anthony Curtis and John Whitehead

An account of the homunculus from Die Sphinx, written by Emil Besetzny, cited from Franz Hartmann’s Life of Paracelsus:

Franz Hartmann’s Peracelsus and the Substance of his Teachings:

Paracelsus Life and Doctrines

Alchemy in Islamic times (These pages are edited by Prof. Hamed Abdel-reheem Ead

Professor of Chemistry at Faculty of Science-University of Cairo Giza-Egypt and director of Science Heritage Center)

University of Houston’s look at alchemy including Aristotle (series on machinery/innovators)

Reference to Origins of Elixir of Life concept:

myth of Cadmus

Homunculus (World Heritage Encyclopedia; Project Gutenberg)

Freemason website (Ohio branch)

Homunculus: The Alchemical Creation of Little People with Great Powers (April 20 2015)

Zosimos of Panopolis:

Additional Reading:

Dow, Travis J. Alchemy Booklet: A Short Introduction to Understanding Alchemy   or

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Episode II: The Legend of Ogopogo


Ice age history - North America:  

In Search Of… 1968 Ogopogo Documentary hosted by Leonard Nimoy:

MonsterQuest Ogopogo Documentary (2009)

Interview with Catherine from Tourism Kelowna re: Ogopogo sightings

From Shannon McDonald’s channel featuring a 1980’s clip of Kelowna and Ogopogo sightings:

January 7 2014 article from Live Science profiling Canada’s Loch Ness: The Ogopogo

Website detailing the Indigenous history of the Legend of Ogopogo, or N’ha-a-itk

Two sightings documented by Dan Basaraba, a local resident, sighted exactly one year apart from another:

Bio on Arlene Gaal, Okanagan resident expert on the Ogopogo and author of three books on the subject:

Tourism Kelowna webpage/General information on Ogopogo

Timeline of Glaciation

Homepage of the Okanagan Legend Hunters, founded by Bill Steciuk

National Geographic Information on Various North American Sturgeon Species

Drainage Patterns Image of Okanagan Lake

Brittanica Encyclopedia entry on Sauropods

Brittanica Encyclopedia entry on Plesiosaurs

Williston, Samuel Wendell. “North American Plesiosaurs: Elasomaurus, Cimoliasaurs, and Polycotylus.” American Journal of Science XXI (1906):221-236-236. Link:<,_Cimoliasaurus,_and_Polycotylus >

Cryptozoological info

Daily Colonist Article


Syilx Info

Okanagan Bio

Ancient Fish

Prehistoric things that are alive today

Columbia River Info

BC Snakes

John McDougall

Susan Allison


Ancient Landscapes Okanagan

Additional Reading:

Allison, Susan. A Pioneer Gentlewomen in British Columbia. UBC Press,1976.

Gaal, Arlene. In Search of Ogopogo: Sacred Creature of the Okanagan Waters. 2001. 

Gaal, Arlene. Ogopogo: The True Story of the Million Dollar Okanagan Monster. 1986. 


Episode I: The Lost Army of Cambyses II


The Histories, by Herodotus (online version):

Miller, Jess article, “How to Make a Documentary” on

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities website:

Article siting finds of Helwan University students (published 2000)

2009 blog post from RogueClassicist detailing the latest claims regarding the Castigiolis etc

Seeker article (published 2012) regarding Castiglioni finds:

Bio of Orde Wingate, British Officer who searched for the Missing Army in 1933 wikipedia :,_1928%E2%80%931933

Laszlo Almasy biography/information on his three journeys adventuring in the Libyan Desert.

Daily Mail article (Nov. 9 2009) citing the finds of the Castigioli Brothers; backstory regarding the purpose of the Army's position in the Sahara; an indepth look at their discovery (the broken pots, bronze dagger, arrow tips, skulls, 114ft long rock formation near Siwa). Includes photo of the found remains (sunbleached bones/skulls) as well as a reference map of the expansion of the Persian empire around 525 AD including the Siwa Oasis and the movement of the 50,000 man army.

Article citing the Castiglioli's version of events (seems to be sourced from the Daily Mail article published a week prior),8599,1938822,00.html

A forty-eight minute documentary follows a research crew on the heels of the 1996 discoveries of pots/arrow heads.

Article written by Carl S. Chafetz, who discusses the claims of the Castiglioni brothers, the various hoaxes and claims over the years, and gives insight into his own excursions (three total) into the Sahara.

Article citing Olaf Kapur, Egyptologist, and his theory about the mystery of the missing army. Kaper contends that the army did not disappear but were in fact ambushed and defeated by a rebel Egyptian leader left in the fringes of history, Petubastis IV. 

Italian twin brothers finds of questionable legitimacy included. 

Article cited by detailing Dr. Olaf Kaper's revelations about the missing army.

Youtube TedXtalk featuring Professor Kaper's ideas about the missing army.

Biographic summary on Darius I, Cambyses' successor/information on the Persian court and its tumults


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