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This is where one may find all the additional projects ITP hosts Amber and Andrew find themselves wrapped up in.


Get Off Your Ass and Start Your Podcast!

Hey You! Have you always thought about starting up a podcast but just didn't quite know how, or didn't feel confident enough to pull it off? Do you have a passion that you could discuss endlessly, or a special niche interest to share with the world? This is the book for you. GET OFF YOUR @$$ AND START YOUR PODCAST is a no-nonsense guide to starting your very own indie podcast! Take control of your creativity and unleash it on the world using this practical handbook designed to give you a slap in the face and guide your passion into success.


Coral’s Castle

When Coral moved to the small town of Wayfell in a sleepy corner of New England, the young adventurer never expected to find herself quite literally in the middle a most intriguing mystery… But when what appears to be a sleepy town turns out to be crawling with frightening shadow creatures, a sinister old man living in the swamp behind her house, and a magical portal underneath her bed, there is certainly more than meets the eye! Armed with the legendary inspiration of her favourite wild west woman, Calamity Jane, Coral determines to solve the mysteries of Wayfell while learning valuable lessons of acceptance, friendship, and forgiveness along the way.


Babbling Bottles Blog

Newly relaunched, Babbling Bottles represents an offbeat collection of experiences and stories from around the Okanagan, curated by Amber Rae. Amber first started this project in 2017 with the intention of focusing on her wine education and experiences in the vineyard and tasting room. Since then, the horizons for Babbling Bottles has greatly expanded with plans to feature an assortment of wineries, cideries and breweries from around the valley as well as profile the people who breathe life into this amazing industry/

Follow along and discover hidden gems around the Okanagan region that you might otherwise never find.